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    ROSA GOLD blog

    How to Hygge

    Last winter I hopped on a plane to the beautiful city of Copenhagen,  where I spent a week learning about the Danish concept of Hygge. Expecting it to be all about cozy-ing up by the fire with some hot cocoa and a good book, I was surprised to find out that Hygge-ing is actually more of a mindset and way of being.  At it's core, it truly just means to live well, and I think we can all agree we're always looking for ways to do just that!

    Here are a few ways you can implement Hygge into your daily winter routine:

    1.  Unplug

    Hygge is all about being in the present and focusing  on the moment at hand.  Trade in the phone (for a few hours...ok ok... 30 min) & TV for a book, arts & crafts project or even a walk/hike. Pass on the digital, for a moment of analog.



    2. Good Lighting

    It's proven that fluorescent lights are not good for the bod. Take a break from the harshness, and let natural light creep in, or set the mood with a lovely flickering candle.



    3. Laugh

    Hygge is all about keeping the mood light & fun. Embrace silliness, belly laugh, or play a prank on your kids.   The Danes are also known for leaving out relics that remind them of happy memories.


    4. Warm Drinks

    Ahhh... probably my favorite part of Hygge-ing - the yummy drinks! Whether it's coffee, tea or some spiked hot cocoa, a big part of this tradition involves getting after those warm & fuzzy beverages.



    5. Surround Yourself with Cozy Things

     Bring on the fuzzy socks, roaring fire, cushy couches and one of our monogrammed blanket scarves of course! 



    6. Take your Time

    Hygge is all about slowing down - not just your body, but your mind too.  Daydream, meditate, add a little sway back into your step... whatever it takes to tone it down a notch. 



    7. Connect

    I know... I's winter, no-one wants to leave the house. But make some time to connect with friends and fam.  Game nights are a win-win and will probably tick most of the boxes on this list! 


    8. Indulge

    That's right. Bread and pastries are a part of Hygge-ing! Bring on the fresh baked croissants please!




    It's too damn cold right now to enjoy nature outdoors, but who says you can't bring some inside! Pick a few plants off NASA's list of air-filtering plants, to help brighten your space. 


    10. Gratitude

     Ahh... I don't think anyone has ever regretted reflecting on what they're grateful for.  Set aside a few minutes each day ( I like to do it before bed) and write 3 things you're thankful for in that moment. 


    Happy Hygge-ing!

    We're Hiring!

    We're Hiring!


    ROSA GOLD is reinventing the monogram by pairing vintage inspired fonts with modern silhouettes.  Blanket scarves are our biggest hit and we are about to start manufacturing our very own line!

    ROSA GOLD is looking for an intern  to work  alongside the founder to help grow and engage our social community. The ideal candidate is creative, organized, and understands branding and voice.  It also helps if you LOVE social media strategy and figuring out how to get people to take action online.

    This position is part-time and remote, so you can work from wherever you are, on your own time.  You'll be given a series of projects and tasks, and it'll be up to you to figure out how to get them done - no micro-managing here, so a true go-getter is necessary!   This position will be amazing for someone looking to build their online portfolio of work.

    Here is the majority of what you'll be doing - 

    Working on special projects

    Write editorial content for our blog

    Create Pins and spend time curating and engaging on Pinterest

    Post on social media & curate content to post
    Engage with our social media community across channels
    Take full control of our Polyvore account and strategically drive traffic back to our site

    You should be... 

    An undergraduate college student OR someone looking to make a career transition
    Awesome and brand-appropriate written communication skills
    Extremely organized and detail-oriented
    Passionate about the strategical side of social media and marketing
    Must be familiar with Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter & Google docs.

     To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to with the subject line - SPRING INTERN.  Also include links to social media & any other relevant places where your creativity is showcased.


    Watch this space for our Tutorial videos that'll teach you all the ways you can tie our blanket scarves, neckwear and bandanas!  

    History of Monograms - Part 1 - What is a Monogram?

    History of  Monograms - Part 1 - What is a Monogram?

    Here at ROSA GOLD we love finding out how things came to be.  So in this 3 part series, we'll dive into the fascinating history of the monogram.  We'll cover origin, evolution, uses and etiquette - but first, let's talk about what a monogram actually is!  



    First of all, I’m not sure about you, but my favorite letter also happens to be the letter of my first name.  Whenever I see a “K” on a teacup or a necklace ( or, let's face it, anything else), I feel like I NEED it.  

    Why is this?  Most likely, our first understanding of  identity comes from hearing our name and learning to write it.  We probably form an emotional connection to the sound and visual image of  our initial letters.  

    (Oh, by the way, I am not a qualified anthropologist/psychologist - whatever - this is just my guess, but I think we can all agree it sorta makes sense... right?) 

    Anyway, it's no secret that monograms and personalized gifts are an everlasting trend. Once you put a letter or initials on something, it becomes more meaningful.  But what exactly ARE monograms? Do they simply mean your initials? Or do they have to do with design?

    According to wikipedia, monograms are, “ a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters […] to form one symbol.”

    So if we go by those rules, that would mean that this is a monogram:



    And this isn't:



    In the book How to Design Monograms, Elizabeth and Curtis Sprague mention ciphers, which are composed of 2-3 letters that are slightly interlaced, but independent of each other.  Basically, a cipher is when you can determine each individual letter and monogram is when they are sometimes indecipherable.   

    So, this is a cipher:

    monogrammed initials

    And this is a proper monogram:  


    monogrammed gifts


    However, in modern times when we're searching for a monogrammed gift, we generally just mean something with initials or letters attached.  And that's OK.  But it IS fun to know the proper history.

    Our entire website uses the word monogram, when ALL of our designs are actually ciphers.  Ah but who cares! We think the word monogram has a better ring to it anyway!

    Now, we'd LOVE to hear from you!... Why do you think we become so attached to the letters of our initials?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below!


    (NOTE:  All photos are from Henry Lille's "An Alphabet of Monograms")